Ginastica Natural

We are very excited to announce that Ginastica Natural is coming to Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood London in June 2018! Ginastica Natural was created by Professor Alvaro Romana, his main influence in creating the system was the ground movements of Jiu Jitsu, and it is the perfect complement to your weekly BJJ training.

Ginastica Natural is a complete full-body weight training method with a 30-year research history. It will benefit your entire body and life, giving you physical qualities like strength, endurance, mobility, core stability, balance, flexibility, coordination simultaneously – resulting in improved quality of life, muscle tone, weight-loss and improved athletic performance.

Classes are open to everyone and not just Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood London club members, and are taught by Yang Ng, an accredited Ginastica Natural instructor and a purple belt in BJJ. Classes are free for club members and £10 drop-in fee for non-members. Classes will be held on Thursday evenings, starting on June 7th, at St. John’s Parish Hall in Kingston from 8.30-9.30 PM.