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Kids Grading

Congratulations to all the kids that were awarded stripes and belts at our half-term grading!

The photo below is our Friday 9-14-year-old class. A mat packed with tough kids! This class has some of our most experienced kids in it & they’ve all worked really hard this term.

Seminar and Grading with Nicolas Gregoriades

Awesome seminar and grading with our head instructor, Nicolas Gregoriades today. Congratulations to everyone that received a new stripe or belt!

A ton of hard earned new belts today:
Salam Al-mosawi – Brown Belt
Alan Kentish – Brown Belt
Mark Ganaden – Purple Belt
Simon Lackie – Purple Belt
Daniel Dotor Cespedes – Blue Belt
Grant McLaren – Blue Belt
Thomas Teran – Blue Belt

Winter Grading with Nicolas Gregoriades

Fantastic class and grading with Nicolas Gregoriades last night followed by our 4th birthday meal at Nando’s.

Huge congratulations to Sandy, Hamza and Yousaf on being awarded the blue belt and to our oldest student Graham on being awarded his purple belt!

Also a massive well done to Yiyang Ng on being awarded ‘Student of the Year’!

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