About Us

As a jiu-jitsoka you are a part of something special. You’re in an elite group of people who challenge themselves physically and mentally in ways most people can’t even imagine. If you use jiu-jitsu as a tool to help you understand yourself, to face your fears and to progress as a human being, then you are already a part of the Jiu-Jitsu Brotherhood.

The Jiu-Jitsu Brotherhood is a dojo without walls and without limits. It is a global community of BJJ practitioners who are united by a desire to share and learn by transcending the inherent limits of the ‘my school / team is best’ mentality. It was formed to help people remember that the art is about uniting people, not dividing them. JJB a way of thinking – a way to approach our your training and competing in a way that helps your growth and the growth of your fellow martial artists. We offer our own insights about the journey. We are not claiming that we have found ‘the truth’, only that we have found ‘our truths’.

All the things jiu-jitsu has given us; the friends we have made, the confidence we have gained and the self-knowledge we have acquired – we want all martial artists to experience and share these things. Jiu-jitsu is not something that should be restricted on the basis of race, nationality, athletic ability or chosen team. It was made for you.You are the Jiu-Jitsu Brotherhood.


Club Rules and Code of Conduct

  1. Please arrive to class before it due to start
  2. Please wash your Gi and kit before each session
  3. Please make sure your finger and toe nails are cut and clean
  4. Please make sure your feet are clean and wear flip flops or shoes to and from the toilet or if leaving the mats
  5. Please never wear shoes or flip flops on the mats
  6. Please treat your training partners with respect at all times


Terms & Conditions

All fees must be paid in advance of classes and all students are required to have annual licence and insurance purchased within the first month of training.

Adult members can purchase their annual licence and insurance for £30 here:

Junior members can purchase their annual licence and insurance for £25 here:


Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood London is a private organisation and reserves the right to refuse entry to any one.

The first 30 day training period serves as trial period to ensure the student’s suitability for and safety inside the class. Any student’s membership can be cancelled and refunded at our discretion during this period.